Specific – Active Office


The Active Office is the UK’s first energy-positive office, whereby more energy is generated throughout the year than is consumed. The building was manufactured using cutting edge off-site manufacturing techniques and incorporates innovative energy generation, storage and release technologies.

This is the first large scale commercial installation of Virtu PVT (photovoltaic thermal) and is providing 2.4kWp electrical energy as well as 9.6kWp thermal energy to the Active Office.


40 Virtu tubes have been designed to integrate on the South facing facade, in order to increase the solar gain in the shoulder and winter months. Virtu has unique advantages for integration as a solar wall, however, the main technology and application focus is on commercial and industrial flat roofs.

‘Specific’ is an academic and industrial consortium led by Swansea University, with strategic partners Akzo Nobel, NSG Pilkington, Tata Steel and Cardiff University. It is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Innovate UK and the European Regional Development Fund, through the Welsh Government.