virtu unveiled at Deltares with ATES


Naked Energy is delighted to announce the completion of its first large-scale virtu system installation at Deltares in the Netherlands. The demonstration is an innovation project supported by the Climate-KIC, to demonstrate inter-seasonal aquifer thermal energy storage (ATES) powered by Naked Energy’s state of the art solar technology.

The virtu/ATES system consists of two natural aquifers approximately 120m apart. By carefully controlling the solar energy balance, water from the aquifers can be used to heat and cool the Deltares buildings reducing reliance on conventional grid-based fossil fuels. It is anticipated that the solar energy collected and stored will be sufficient to provide a significant proportion of the thermal energy used on the campus throughout the entire year.

Aquifer thermal energy storage is already quite widespread in the Netherlands with the potential for dramatic growth as the country aggressively reduces its reliance on natural gas for heating.

Please click here to watch a short video on the launch of the project.

virtu Deltares Launch Video