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virtuPVT benefits from a unique modular design, generating both solar heat and power from the available space. Using the same collector for combined heat and power production means reduced cost of materials and installation, improving returns and enhancing asset values. 

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The attractive, low-profile design of virtu makes it quicker and easier to install.


Energy for heating and cooling accounts for approximately 50% of global energy demand and 39% of carbon dioxide emissions. Renewable heat has received a lot less attention than renewable electricity but has the potential to play an ever more important role in mitigating climate change.

Energy is the second highest cost for global businesses, after staff.

Business and industry require high-grade heat for sanitary hot water, heating and industrial processes. As virtuPVT uniquely benefits from vacuum tube technology, for improved thermal performance, it can deliver a peak efficiency of 80%, converting 20% of the sun’s energy to electricity and 60% as heat.



of the sun’s energy is converted
to electricity by a PV cell


of global energy
demand is for heat


of the sun’s energy can be
captured as heat


more space needed by
a PV module to achieve same
same carbon savings as vitru


On a typical commercial flat roof, far more useful energy is captured compared to conventional PV panels which require up to 50% more space to generate the same financial savings and up to 300% more to deliver the same carbon savings.

Some applications, such as solar cooling, require a much higher output temperatures. For this reason we developed our complementary range of virtuHOT solar collectors, using the same design architecture and high-performance vacuum technology. When combined with virtuPVT the unique solution can deliver the optimum balance between output temperature and heat/power generation.

Our leading-edge solar solutions will reduce recurring business expenditure - without costing the Earth.